News Update: 31 December, 2022


Christmastide at St. Saviour’s

First, thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Christmas worship services and potluck lunch. This was a particularly special occasion because our wonderful music director Larisa was able to play the organ for the very first time in more than a year, and we were joined by an excellent choir! The church was full of music and of spirit, and we were so happy that more than 20 people stayed after for a hearty potluck lunch with some Latvian winter classics such as grey peas, along with some delicious international flavors such as rice curry!

Michelle back in Latvia

One major reason for joy this Christmas is that our prayers have been answered, and Michele is back in Latvia! Joe, Mark and Elīza surprised her at the airport, although of course her first priority was to reunite with her faithful canine friend Riley who had been relaxing in Jūrmala. Welcome back Michele!!!

Thank you Enija!

New years is a time of ends and new beginnings. Today, we say a huge thank you and farewell to our amazing administrator Enija, who has just finished her time as one of the stable rocks of our church, and is moving onto new endeavours in 2023. We also welcome Jēkabs, who has taken over as our new administrator. Let’s all pray for a successful transition and for both of these talented individuals!

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