We are

A chaplaincy of the Church of England. An international community. A welcoming family.

We serve

We serve the local community by organising a soup kitchen. We also provide a neutral and safe space for debates on culturally sensitive themes.

We worship

We worship in the traditional Church of England style, in English, with occasional services in Latvian and/or Russian.

We meet for worship at 11 AM every Sunday.
The service is also streamed on our Facebook page


In Jesus, we see that humility is not a lack of confidence — quite the contrary, it is rooted in a strong sense of one’s identity, value and mission. Actually, the word ‘humility’, originates from the Latin ‘humilis’, which literally means “on the ground”. Humility, ‘groundedness’, is closely linked with openness and freedom to engage with other people in non-patronising way. 

Chaplain Elīza Zikmane.

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This is a great place for worship because of how international and diverse the community is, with worshippers from all around the world and many different faith backgrounds.

Joseph Horgan

I enjoy being part of St. Saviour’s community because it is an inclusive church that provides a space for people to be themselves, to think freely and to engage with a contemporary world without creating a complacent  Christian sub-culture.

Valdis Tēraudkalns