The Wardens

Churchwardens are elected every year, they can be re-elected for six years consequently. The Wardens are the people who should

  • care for and support the chaplain, and be people to whom the incumbent can turn to for advice and support
  • try to ensure that the incumbent is relieved of superfluous administrative, and other, tasks
  • provide feedback, as a ‘critical friend’, for the parish priest
  • care for the congregation and encourage people in their Christian faith
  • help to resolve disputes or disagreements amongst the congregation or with the parish priest, or with the local community
  • When any concerns arise, they should consult the Area Dean and/or Archdeacon.

Our Churchwardens are

Inese Bobinska

I am 59, and am by speciality a social worker. I also learned theology at the Latvian Cristian Academy. My husband is Lutheran pastor, and we have lived in different parts of Latvia. Now I am happy to live in Riga and be part of our Anglican church.

Jānis Krievkalns

Jānis has a master’s degree in theology from the University of Latvia, and worked as a history teacher at Adaži Free Waldorf School for fifteen years. He has three children, and is currently working as project manager at Rīga City Council.